Is fasting the most dangerous of eczema remedies?

Published: 12th April 2010
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Fasting and eczema is not necessarily a good idea. I tried this among other eczema remedies, and it was not a good experience to say the least. There's a certain danger involved with this that you should know about.

Before you try out something like that you have to be very certain of what you might be doing. It CAN considerably WORSEN your eczema symptoms (even in case you do all the things proper!).

If you first begin to search for natural remedies for eczema on the Internet it is easy to come across different detox and fasting cures. You've got many different types of fasting regimens being promoted.

This article will not go into extent and detail about that, but reasonably share my own personal experience with fasting and eczema.

In brief, fasting is a technique to free up energy, assets, and enzymes of the body which usually goes into digestion, and permit these resources to be deployed into cleansing out the body instead (down to the cellular level).

It IS a good way of cleansing your self, IF you recognize what you're doing. Fasting and eczema can make things a bit more complicated though. Here is why:

When you suffer from eczema it's good to perceive that your digestive system and colon is dysfunctional. The root cause of eczema and psoriasis is to be discovered here.

So while you fast (I'm speaking about pure water fasting and juice fasting here) you risk to obscure issues even further. It is hard to judge how your distinctive body and situation goes to reply to such a radical regimen. Here is my personal encounter with fasting and eczema:

I suffered from extreme atopic dermatitis when I realized online about the benefits of fasting and colon cleansing.

So after reading up on it I decided to give it a go. I went on a 7 day pure water fast (eating nothing).

In the course of the fast I also cleansed my intestinal system by deploying an historic indian cure referred to as "laghoo shankprakshalana".

I drank 1 - 3 liters of body temperated, physiological salt water (0.9 % salt, which is the same proportion as within the blood). With this salt percentage the water you drink is just flushed by means of the intestinal system, and it's like "induced diarrhea".

The cure was very effective, and I got rid of lots of collected waste. The eczema even cleared up a bit after a while. However, the day after I broke the fast and started to eat again, I broke out with eczema like never before!

This contradicted every part I'd discovered about eczema and fasting up to that point. I assumed I was speculated to be healed, not get worse!

And this unintended result of my fasting and colon cleanse was not due to breaking the fast with the flawed form of meals, or anything like that. I knew very well what I was doing.

To know how this could happen I recommend you check out this article about eczema causes.

The story has a really comfortable ending though. I went from being a worst case of eczema to stumpling upon a completely natural eczema cure.

To learn more about eczema remedies, and how you can cure your eczema naturally without any hard to follow fasting and detox regimens go here:

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