What Does Eczema Look Like In Most Cases?

Published: 06th April 2010
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Ever asked the question: what does eczema look like? That's an essential question if you want to know what kind of dermatitis you experience.

You could attempt to diagnose your own skin rash. You can also ask your physician or dermatologist to diagnose your symptoms. If you only suffer a passing skin rash of some kind it's one thing, however when you have a continual situation it is advisable to understand it.

The question you need to be asking your self is this: What does eczema look like when it is not there? However your first step is to find out what your specific eczema looks like, and what kind of eczema it actually is.

So, what does eczema usually look like? Dried out, peeling, and inflamed raised red rashes are typical signs and symptoms of eczema.

Eczema symptoms can break out lots of assorted places on the body, but are likely to break out anywhere the skin is weaker or stretching.

It can be very hard to resist the need to scratch, when the eczema breaks out. The 2 fundamental varieties of eczema are atopic eczema and psoriasis. What your eczema look like will depend on the class it falls in under.

It's interesting to note that atopic dermatitis and psoriasis appear so different from each other. It's virtually like the two eczema types are in opposition to each other.

Atopic eczema weakens the skin, and can almost look like a chemical burn, while psoriasis appear as huge patches of extra skin. How come these eczema types have such different appearance?

The answer is to be found within the basic reason behind eczema and psoriasis . The underlying root cause is the same, however how the body handles this root cause will determine your symptoms, and also what eczema will look like in your case.

Atopic dermatitis is a the body giving in to the foundation cause, and the skin is weakened. Psoriasis is the body turning to the the other extreme, where it tries to reinforce the skin as much as it can.

The fundamental reason behind all eczema and psoriasis kind of branches the eczema symptoms into two reverse "camps" so to speak. What your eczema looks like will be determined by the above.

What does eczema look like when it's gone? You should discover that by first understanding the root reason for all eczema, and how you can cure the basic reason behind eczema in less than 3 months.

In most cases this is what eczema looks like.

But in your special case it might look like this:

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